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With Rite Publishing’s The Secret of Divine Channeling we have a completely new divine class, which is similar to a cleric in many ways, but divergent enough to justify a great publication.  The Divine Channeler class is focused more on channeling divine energy than they are on casting divine spells, and as such they’ve received a host of new channeling abilities to go along with the Clerical domains.

Since they are so focused on their domains, they gain most of their spell compliment in the form of domain spells, and cast far fewer spells from the divine casting list.

Divine channelers enjoy new channeling abilities afforded to them by their domains, of which they can choose two.  Each domain has several effects that can be accessed as the Divine Channeler gains levels.

These abilities start with Minor Channeling, small effects tied in to their domains that they can employ by channeling energy.  Such things as gusts of wind, increased speed or what have you.

Then there are Combat Channeling effects.  They are used in combat to heal or cause damage – with each domain offering different effects.

Lastly there are Major Channeling effects.  Accessed at fifth level through a new feat called Major Domain Channeling, these are more impressive effects tied in with each domain.

In addition to the effects that go along with channeling in this new class, Divine Channelers also receive Turn Undead as a bonus feat at level 1, additional extra channeling at levels 7, 13 and 15 and at 20th level as their capstone ability, they become Energy Masters.  This allows them to gain immunity to channeling effects and also shield others around them.  Seven new feats have been added, dealing of course with Channeling.  There is also an extensive list of new effects tied in to each domain.

Additionally, Clerics can gain some of these effects through the use of a new trait (Minor Channeler) and the second is the Sensorial Imagery – flavor built into this class which describes how the various channeling effects manifest themselves to the senses.

The concept behind this character is actually quite simple and the character class itself excels for that, looking to be eminently workable into a new or existing campaign.  Treat them much like Clerics that take a wider view on how to channel energy and you’ll enjoy the experience.   5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. I wanted to thank Ben, for taking the time to do a review of our product. Reviews are often very difficult to come by when your doing PDF only products. Jonathan McAnulty did a great job designing the Domain Channeling concepts, I am glad folks are truly getting to enjoy it.

    Thanks again Ben,

    Steve Russell
    Rite Publishing

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  3. Thanks for the Review Ben. I had fun putting this together and I’m glad you enjoyed the ideas in the book.

  4. Steve and Jonathan,

    My pleasure! It’s one of those ideas that, after reading it made me slap my forehead with my palm and go “Why didn’t I think of that!”

    Well done!

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