Aug 182010

Hey folks!  To get some business out of the way, you won’t be seeing much of me on Troll in the Corner for a few weeks.  I’m set to go in to Surgery tomorrow and am expecting it to take a few weeks for me to recover.   That’s the not so good news.

The good news is, late last night Eric dropped off the reformatted Zombie Cards!

The problem with a zombie apocalypse is that there are so many darned zombies.  It can become hard for you, the GM to keep track of them all.  Enter the Contagion Infected Zombie Cards.  Not to worry, it’s the zombies that are infected, not the cards.

On each these cards you’ll find all of the important stats for each of the three types of zombies, plus an easy way of keeping track of their hit points (starting and current) whether or not they have additional armor and a helm (meaning a Head Shot isn’t possible), current AC and whether or not they’ve moved or not.

Just check off the number of each type of zombie you want and off you go!  How many zombies make a party?  Use the Encounter Chart to determine the exact number of deadly, infected and hungry undead come shambling towards your party.

Track up to 15 of each type of Contagion Infected Zombie.  Or just grab a bunch of cards and make your party very, very nervous.

Print this out double sided to save paper and to get yourself some double sided zombie cards.

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  1. Hope surgery goes well. And take your time healing.

  2. Here’s to that, L0N. Heal up and come back to us when ready, Ben.

  3. The new Zombie cards look great. Best of luck to you Ben, recover fast and well.

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