Aug 052010

This morning I hit the old random number generator and gathered up our 16 winners! First, a quick breakdown. We had 362 individuals enter, with a total of 2,532 entries generated. Out of all of those entries, just under 60% came from the continental US, with England and Australia following in second and third place for number of entries (total). 15 people didn’t tell me where they were from, so I don’t know where those entries originated from. Now – on to the winners!

The Grand Prize winner, and proud new owner of three Pathfinder RPG books, the Core Rule Book, the Bestiary and the GameMastery Guide, along with all of the PDFs I’ve produced through TC or Aruneus is – Andrew Massey!  Congratulations Andrew!

Next up – these five folks have gotten themselves a copy of all of the Pathfinder expansions documents I’ve published so far: Michael D. Moore, Sergio de Isidro, Rafe Ball, Aaron Broder, and “Silver”.  I’ll be emailing you all to verify your email addresses before I send out your download codes for the PDFs.

Finally, these 10 folks will all get a copy of one of my published PDFs:  Matt Moran, Tresi Arvizo, Marshall Jansen, Rachel Michelle Epperly, Chris Hazen, James Crawford, Greg Hurst, Lynn Dixon, Catherine Howsham, and Anthony Bulldis.

Thanks to everyone who participated!  I’m hoping to have another contest like this as soon as I can!

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  1. Congratulations everyone!

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