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In One’s Blood is 25 pages of new Sorcerer bloodlines, spells and abilities which can add some oomph, or ooze, to your game.  Done in an easy to print black and white format, light on the graphics but heavy on content, players and GMs will find this expansion to the Sorcerer class fun and useful.

The new blood lines consist of Aquatic, Divine, Giant, Ooze, Plant, Psychic and Vermin.  Along with these seven new bloodlines come 15 new spells, a new creature in the form of a Behemoth Pudding, and some exposition in to what exactly one gets by turning into an ooze.  Mark L. Chance also makes good use of text boxes to add descriptive and colorful examples of each bloodline.

The layout of the document is simple and straight forward – each bloodline is described in detail, including special bloodline powers, arcana, bonus feats, skills and bonus spells.  Speaking of spells, these new additions to the Sorcerer’s tool kit are well balanced and fairly implemented.  Two favorites that stand out for me are Conqueror Worms and Ocean’s Depth.  I also found the Ooze bloodline to be a lot of fun. Helpfully embedded throughout the document are links to, useful for quick look ups if you’re reading this online.

All in all I think In One’s Blood can add more depth to the Sorcerer class.  I can’t see any reason why these bloodlines and new spells wouldn’t fit will with most campaigns.  My two complaints with this document, neither of which should be deal breakers for anyone, are the font used for titles, and the overall plainness of the document.  The font can be a bit hard to read.  The document is very printer friendly, but lacks the pizazz I’m used to seeing in RPG expansions.  At the (slightly odd) price of $1.26, it’s hard to go wrong.

4 out of 5 stars

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  1. Ha, I wonder what part of the planning phase had them price it for an extra penny?

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