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I talked about this a while ago, but have only now had the chance to get these words typed out. When I was at Origins, I picked up a little game from Looney Labs called Zombie Fluxx. I spent some time playing it, and if the reactions of my friends are any indication, this game will be a hit with most people.

Fluxx is a game over ever-changing rules. The basic, starting rule is simple: draw a card and play a card. As the game progresses, you end up changing that rule a number of times. You’ll see changes to how many cards you need to draw or play, how many cards you can have in your hand and, most importantly, the win condition is constantly changing.

To win, you need to satisfy the conditions of the current Win card. You usually have to have a certain combination of Keepers (cards you play in front of you), you might have to have a certain number or type of Creeper (the usually-bad cards, depicted by Zombies in this game). Whatever the case, the rules change nearly every turn, making this game something that you can win half the time by skill, and half the time by luck.

There are a number of different variations of Fluxx, and Zombie Fluxx gets a lot of its fun from the Zombiness of it all. Many of the Zombie Creepers will not die when you kill them (which can be done only when certain cards are in play), but they instead will shuffle on over to an opponent. As well, there are cards that you can play to bring all the zombies to you (useful if the win condition involved a Zombie Baseball Team), or to spread the zombie love to everyone at the table.

My only two niggling annoyances with the game are as follows: if you play it a lot, you tend to see a lot of the same cards over and over again, and it can get same-y pretty quickly (Although, it never gets old to have the “Braaaaiiins” card in play, which requires you to say just that when you play a Zombie, or pay a penalty). The repetitiveness can be alleviated by adding another Fluxx deck, which is useful. All editions of the game, save for the very first, so you can always add more variety.

My other possible worry is that if you’re not the kind of gamer who can deal with they way you win changing nearly every round, then Fluxx, of any stripe, is not for you. Trust me, it’ll just lead to frustration.

Personally, I enjoyed my time with the game, and my gaming group did too. A solid 4.5 our of 5 stars.

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