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Starting today and ending on tomorrow (12th of August) at noon EST I’ll be giving you all the chance to win one of three PDFs from Drive Thru RPG!  Qualifying is pretty darned easy and there will be three winners, each receiving the PDF they’ve been gunning for.  The three PDFs are Dark Heresy: Inquisitor’s Handbook for the Warhammer FRPG series, Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion and Paths of Power for the Pathfinder RPG system.

How do you win one of the three?  Easy.  Since I’m just 17% away from a fully funded zombie apocalypse high fantasy RPG, I’m going to have you go look at the Aruneus Project.  Once you’re at the project page, go to the updates and find Seth “Zombie Artist Extraordinaire” K’s full last name.  Use this contact page to email it to me.   Make sure the subject is “Flash PDF Contest”.  Also, you’ll have to tell me in the body of the email which PDF(s) you’d like to win. It’s okay if you’d like more than one, but if you’ve no interest in any of the three, let me know so that others who do want it have a better chance.

I’ll be picking three winners at Random tomorrow on my lunch break.

Also as an added bonus – if you think the Aruneus Project has merit and is something you would be interested in backing, then I encourage you to do so! To any backers who sign up before the end of this contest, I will provide a coupon code for 20% off all of the following publisher’s materials at DriveThruRPG. Any PDF they have on DTRPG will be 20% off for you through September 10th.

A Terrible Idea
Aethereal Forge
Bailey Records
Crucifiction Games
Dream Pod 9
Fantasy Games Unlimited
Final Redoubt Press
Gold Rush Games
Goodman Games
Highmoon Games
Morbid Games
OtherWorld Creations
Palladium Books
Rogue Games
RPG Objects
Savage Mojo
Tricky Owlbear
Vigilance Press
Since the minimum cost to become a backer is $10, you could make out fairly well if you’re one to purchase a bunch of PDFs!  If you’re already a backer and would like to participate in this deal, just contact me and I’ll get you the codes.
The Rules:
  • All decisions are final!
  • If you write for Troll in the Corner you can’t enter.
  • Only one entry per person.
That’s it! Good luck!

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  2. Good luck contestants!

  3. Who needs luck when I’ve used a mind control zombie brain to win!
    Muhahahahaa! *cough* hahahaha….
    Oh snap… I brought the wrong zombie brain.

  4. Winners picked! Dark Heresy goes to Devin. Paths of Power to Ben Gulick and Savage Worlds to David Panseri! Congrats to the winners!

  5. So where do I used the code in the checkout but it said un-valid code.

  6. So where do I used the code ?* I used it in the checkout but it said un-valid code.

  7. Hey Devin – I’m emailing you. The code should work as it is – it will only work once though.

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