Jul 082010

Some of you may have seen my earlier post on the Symphony of Science, making music videos and songs based on the words of famous scientists, put through Auto-tune to give it musicality.  The first one, A Glorious Dawn, was so sublime that its still stuck in my head, months later.  There are now six videos, plus a few remixes and alternate versions.  There are even apparently ring tones of a couple of them. (Just not for my plan, so I’m not sure how you get them)

Anyway, give them a look see, its great stuff.  These recent ones have even added a bunch of new scientists to the mix.  I may not like Richard Dawkins or his crusade against religion much, but he is right about science being poetry.



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  1. Carl Sagan can make even the most existentially angsty person feel good about being insignificant. I’ll never get sick of listening to him talk.

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