Jul 262010

Rite Publishing scores again with The Secrets of Martial Mastery, a nice little book filled with over 25 new feats and their corresponding combat maneuvers sure to spice up any fight.  Drawing from everything between plain old fisticuffs to fencing moves, you can now do a lot more with your hands-on type characters.  In addition to the new feats and combat maneuvers, there’s a new prestige class: Master of the Arts – someone who’s great at fighting and great at dispensing that knowledge as well.

There are rules and flavor text for many different kinds of maneuvers, including throwing, cutting clothing off, blinding, causing nausea, and more along that vein.  If you and your group enjoy this kind of thing, this book will deliver.  I wouldn’t put it under my “must have” list though as a game could progress along nicely without even missing it.  It is a niche product in other words but if it’s your niche, you’ll enjoy it.

The layout is done very well but the artwork leaves a bit to be desired in some cases, although the cover is stunning.  At the current price of $2.99 this would be a great book to present to your combat oriented group, or that player that just loves to get descriptive about their fights.  4 out of 5 stars.

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