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An often drawn comparison to real world late medieval Knights is to that of a tank.  This description has found its way in to modern gaming as well, when talking about your front line, damage absorbing fighter.  The Armiger takes this to the next level, being a master of all things defensive.

I like this character and can see where it would fulfill a definite roll in a party  that already has a front line fighter type. The Armiger is well built and well balance, fulfilling the role of secondary fighter and primary brick wall.  That is, they gain personal defensive bonuses and the use of certain weapons while using a shield and also grant some bonuses to those around them.

Sword and board taken to the next level.

While I don’t think this would be a good character to introduce as the sole fighter class in a party I think it would be outstanding as an additional fighter – and that’s how the folks at OtherWorld Creations designed it.  It’s not a flaw in the build but a deliberate difference.

I would have quite a bit of fun running a campaign with a player choosing the Armiger and I think many others would as well.  5 out of 5 stars

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  4 Responses to “Quick Review: The Genius Guide to the Armiger – a new base class for Pathfinder”

  1. Wow, 5 stars, interesting.

  2. Yeah – I *like* this class. They balanced it out well. I don’t feel like I’d be throwing some munchkined, overwrought uber-fighter into the mix with the standard base classes.

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  4. The Armiger class in Iron Heroes has always looked like a lot of fun to play. If the PF version is anything like it, it’ll be a great addition to any party.

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