Jul 222010

Raging Swan Press have put together a solid, 37 page adventure for a lower level Pathfinder party.  Taking place in and around the village of Swallowfeld, this adventure is something of a murder mystery packaged within a weather torn priory, for one.  Actually, Swallowfeld contains several adventure hooks revolving around the village and what goes on there.

What I really enjoy about this product is there’s a wealth of information for game masters. Tons of fleshed out NPCs, a good number of hooks, a nice detailed map, handouts for players.  You’ll find all of these things here – even a random even generator for everyday happenings around the village which can be used to add some quirk and detail.  That particular chart I really enjoy and I applaud RSP for its inclusion.  There are notes about daily life, the seasons and enough background info for a GM to use this as a starting point for a longer campaign or a great place to have a few adventures with friends.

There are some nice character sketches to go along with the module so you’ll get a feel for just how these NPCs look.  In addition to the artwork, the layout is very well done.  Everything is easy to find and the use of village locations and NPCs.  There looks to be enough local adventure to bring an average 1st level party up to around 3rd or possibly even 4th level before the village of Swallowfeld is outgrown by the party.  Not bad for the current price of $4.50.   I will caution you that if you like to run or play in games that are high powered and high magic, Swallowfeld may not be for you.  An inventive GM could certainly make it so but it’s more of a small village with small village problems.

5 out of 5 stars – it delivered exactly what it promised and did so in a neatly organized and easily read fashion.

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