Jul 012010

I ended the first day of Origins with a nice demo of the card game Fluxx, from Looney Labs.

Fluxx is a game of ever-changing rules, where the win condition can shift as soon as someone lays down a card. There are multiple versions of the game, all compatible with one another and all designed to be played quickly with a group of friends who don’t mind screwing each other over a little bit.

The demo was fun. The duo from Looney Labs gave me a good rundown of the game and the rules. It’s the kind of game that you can just pull out when you’ve got a spare half-hour and some friends that need something to do. As the guys from the Looney Labs booth said, the game has just the right amount of randomness. If you play it a number of times and get a feel for the strategy involved, then you will definitely tend to win more, but the method of winning can shift so quickly that even the most seasoned player can lose to a first-timer. That kind of thing can be a problem if it happens too often, but Fluxx is balanced in such a way that the randomness is fun, not frustrating.

This write-up is going to be on the brief side, as the Looney Labs guys do a much better job of explaining the game in the recorded audio than I ever could. If, after reading and hearing my words, you want to check out Fluxx for yourself, then scoot on over to the Looney Labs website and give it a looksee.

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