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As promised, I now have the link to the Actual Play sessions from KantCon 2010. There weren’t as many as I had originally thought (I estimated somwhere between 30 and 40), but we did clock in with a very solid 20 sessions. A few of the sessions that did take place did not get a good audio capture, for one reason or another, so you’re not getting the whole picture… which is a good reason for you to try and make it to Kansas City next year for KantCon 2011.

So, without further ado, here are all of the Actual Play session from KantCon 2010.

And, because that’s just how I am, here are the direct links to the games that I ran.

Pathfinder: Tomb of Horrors

Savaged Fallout: Journey to Bridgeport

Pathfinder: Sugar Rush

Savage Suzerain: Dr. Ballard, I Presume

And the one I am the most excited for all of you TC readers to hear:

Pathfinder – The World of Aruneus: The Haunted Mines – More about the Aruneus Project.

I had a really good time running all of these sessions, and a really good time playing in the ones I played in. Many thanks to all of the KantCon 2010 participants that made all of this possible.

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  2. Congratulations!

  3. Thanks, Alf. Not entirely sure what I am being congratulated for, but I have no problem accepting the congratulations, all the same.

  4. I think Alf’s referring to your performance in regards to the snack table?

  5. Man, did I really go on *that* much about the snack table? Or was it just my impactful writing about the subject? Either way, Snack Tables = win.

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