Jul 242010

Gamers are many, but we are the quiet many.

There is an upsetting number of people who still have misconceptions about what an RPG is and the type of people that play them.  Sure, we know that gamers come in all types, but the world doesn’t.

Let’s fix that.  Someone over at The Escapist has had the brilliant idea to have three weeks dedicated to reading an RPG book in public.  You can find information on the website HERE, or even on Facebook HERE.

Get out there at a park, coffee shop, or wherever, and read.  Show the world who we are.  It begins tomorrow.

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I'm a wild haired demi-viking living on the East Coast United States. I've run games in countless systems and tanked more game nights than I've ever run successfully, but hopefully I learned a lot in the process and I'd like to pass that on. Follow me on Twitter.

  2 Responses to “Help the Hobby! Read an RPG Book in Public!”

  1. I intend to do just this. I had heard about the event, but did not know when it was. Thanks for the heads-up, man.

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