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Zombies rise. Heroes die. You are what remains.  The Aruneus Project has been reborn!

The world was a large place. The four races, Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs coexisted with an uneasy peace, but at the least, they were able to share the land and survive. Empires were formed, lives created and destroyed, magic flourished and for a brief time, Humanity strove to master the globe. Then the undead scourge broke the world.

The World of Aruneus project is already well under way! With 11 digital publications available at this time. Included in these are unique rules for Contagion Infected Human Zombies – a special breed of undead that are necessary for a world breaking apocalypse. Also, Orcs as a player character race – modeled on early medieval Huns, our Orcs are different. They have Style!

The goal is to raise enough money to create the Essential Aruneus – a hardcover source book and digital document that would contain the everything players and Game Masters would need to start a full campaign in the world of Aruneus.

This project is under full steam! I’m using Kickstarter as a way to pre-order the finished products (PDF or Hardcover) with a few extra goodies thrown in for those who’ve contributed early. For more information about Aruneus, see http://trollitc.com/category/role-playing-games/aruneus/

This book would be approximately 100 pages in length and would contain the following publications. A * means the product is already published. Unpublished products are all currently in progress, being actively worked on and have artists assigned to them.

*The History of Aruneus – a time line.
Aruneus – life in a post-apocalypse world – featuring an Atlas style map, and detailed history.
*Contagion Infected Zombies. 3 different zombie types, a new feat, and a cure.
*Zombie Cards – for Contagion Infected Zombie management.
*Orcs! A new Player Character Race, Prestige class and more.
Two new full character classes, including the Quantamancer.
The Gods of Aruneus – detailing the six gods of the pantheon, new divine magic and more.
*Clerics and Wizards – the struggle between the ruling Clerics and outlawed magic.
*The Dwarven Empire – the rise and fall of the Dwarves.
The Elves – a history of the race of Elves and their struggle with the human undead.
The Haunted Mine – The first adventure in the Aruneus world for 1st level characters.
New Enemies – A second adventure for 1st level characters.

Head over to DriveThruRPG for what’s already been published: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/index.php…

The money raised from Kickstarter would go towards offsetting publication costs (and fulfilling pre-orders), paying artists, editors and Pathfinder subject experts and getting this book to various conventions over the next year where players like you can enjoy the heck out of it!

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  5 Responses to “Aruneus Project II – A 100 page source book for a Zombie infested, high fantasy apocalypse”

  1. I just had a thought, have you checked with anyone at Paizo to see if they’d promote it, or at least posted in their forums?

  2. Good call. More press for Pathfinder would be something they’d like, right?

  3. You would think that. I’m undecided as to which forum I should plop it in to though.

  4. I would say you need to email someone directly. Check out the middle of this page: http://paizo.com/paizo/about/contact

    I’d try Sean Reynolds and see if he can help direct you to the right place/person.

  5. Whoops! Saw a different option. Maybe shoot an email to Jeff Alvarez; he’s the License Manager for Paizo.

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