Jul 272010

Preferring temperate or cold forests above all else, the Coilicoot is a snake-like mammal which has claimed many curious victims.

Appearing like a cross between a large snake and a house cat, the Coilicoot can be found in many northern forests throughout the world.  Their coloration ranges from whites and blacks through dark orange and brown. Unlike their reptilian counterparts, Coilicoots are warm blooded, entirely nocturnal and prefer cold areas.  Armed with sharp fangs and highly toxic venom, Coilicoots should not be underestimated.

Coilicoots can grow to six feet long, a foot in diameter and weigh up to forty pounds.  When threatened, they coil into tight, furry balls and emit a sound not unlike a cat’s purr.  This has led many an unwary traveller, particularly children, to attempt to pet them or play with them. Seeing these behaviors as threatening gestures, the Coilicoot naturally attacks.

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