Jun 302010

We’re fairly sure you like what you’re seeing here on Troll in the Corner or you probably would not be reading this!  As such, I’ve compiled the most popular articles over the past year or so and made them available as a free PDF download from DriveThruRPG!

11ish articles in 40 pages of RPG goodness, free for the taking!  Of course you can find all of these articles right here on the site as well (coincidentally also free) but this will save you a lot of searching.

Included in this PDF are the following article:

To a few players, but really to everyone

An interview with the Creators of Twilight: 2013

An interview with the Creators of Twilight: 2013 – Part 2

Jen Page is a chaotic-neutral gamer, actress, geek and our latest interview subject
Building Cities

Zombies in Fantasyland or Creating a fantasy world that experienced a zombie apocalypse 100 years ago

Tunnels and Trolls: Creator Interview

When Randomness Intrudes

10 Things D&D taught me about relationships

An unexpected online gaming aid

My pathway to gaming – a look at one girl?s evolution of RP

Playing a story in a believable world

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  2. Thanks for including my stuff!

  3. Same here. Very glad to be included amongst those rated as The Best.

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