Jun 302010

Creepy Creatures contains 100 new monsters available for your Pathfinder game.  The book is good, and will make a great addition to any pathfinder campaign where the GM chooses to use some odd creatures.

Some of the creatures have a bit of what I like to call a “cheese factor”.  They’re less creepy and more like a low budget horror movie.  But these aren’t terribly bad creatures mechanically and I suppose it’s a matter of taste.  This book also features a Dire Skunk, which I’ve personally been hoping to see for some time.  Now that’s a monster.

It’s clear that some decent work went in to the mechanics and creation of these beasties.  Same goes for the artwork which varies in quality from decent to great.

At the current price of $17 it is a bit on the pricey side so consider if you’re really willing to part with almost $20 for 100 new creatures.  If your answer is yes, you won’t be disappointed.  If not, you can live without this expansion.  4 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Nice review, but that price point is definitely going to keep me away.

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