Jun 102010

Just seven days left to raise the better part of $7000. I don’t know if this can be pulled off or not but one thing is certain – it is a lot of fun trying!

If anyone knows any celebrity tweeters or facebook folks who’d be interested in donating 140 characters or so, that would be a great way to get more exposure.

There are a lot of updates concerning the World of Aruneus on the way –  here’s a quick rundown.

The Orcs supplement is looking great at 17 pages in length and has a lot more detail and in-game items than I had originally envisioned. This is certainly a good thing! This expansion document will have the Orcs as a playable race, a new Prestige Class, several new beasties, two new magical items and three NPCs available to insert into any campaign.

The first module, The Haunted Mine should be out mid to late july.

I’m working with a first class cartographer (no, honest!) who’s doing an atlas style map for the known world which is going to look amazing!

The Gods of Aruneus supplement is starting to take shape and I’ll be utilizing the same artist who did all of my zombie artwork which I’m very excited about.

I’ve got a talented young artist working with me to do an Herbal Supplement. Yes, ha ha. It will feature a number of plants with magical and medicinal uses in-game.

Two new classes are also on the horizon.  Awesome, balanced and fun classes if I do say so.

And that’s just what I’ve already outlined. Of course there will be about 25 future modules coming out as well as lots of history, flavor and background.

No matter what happens I can say that I LOVE creating this world. If I can’t do it all in one go, I’ll continue to release PDFs at the rate of two a month or more until I have everything I need to put it all together and release it as an actual book.

If I could make a living doing nothing but writing along these lines, interacting with other gamers who love doing this as well and generally creating, I’d be the happiest guy inside my head.  Hopefully the only guy in there too.  Seriously – this as a career choice would be great for me.  Now I just have to start actually making a living doing it.  :)

What happens if I don’t raise the money?  Well, I’d like to scream “I shall not go quietly into the night!” while fist pumping at the sky god of fundraising but honestly, I’m to busy creating to worry that much about it.  $7,000 would be stellar!  It would make everything move at 4 times the speed and I’d have  a nice, complete source book out by this time next year.

It is not the end of the world if it doesn’t happen.  It just means slower progress, a bit more begging and pleading on my part and a few more late nights.

7 days.

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  1. Good luck to you Ben, even if this doesn’t work out you’ve always got DriveThruRPG as an option. Not to mention Freebies you can put out here. I wonder what people might think of evolving the project into something different, Open Source Aruneus, something like that.

  2. Thanks man. Once I have a moment to breathe I’ll update the wiki and Aruneus will be, if not open source, at least open. :)

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