May 262010

The Orcs are coming! June 15th is the publication date of The World of Aruneus – The Orcs. This publication will contain all you need to play an Orc as a player character. Also, the Hram (Orc Horse), the Penumbral Ambulator and a few other goodies!

Since their introduction to Aruneus, the Orcs have congregated in the tundra and northern reaches of the world.  A once great kingdom which stretched most of the span of Aruneus’ northern continent, the Orcs were beaten by the League of the Ring and their empire collapsed into a series of small city states and clan holdings.  Over time even these city states faded, unable to support a larger, stable population and the Orcs became a semi-nomadic, clannish race.

They persisted in this state with multiple clans occasionally joining behind a War Leader to fight other clans in land grabs or launch semi-organized raids into Human, Dwarven or Elven territories.

One hundred years ago when the dead rose, the Orcs found themselves in a unique position.  Living in cold, arid areas – sometimes sub-arctic, they experienced six to ten months of relative freedom from human zombies, which freeze solid after prolonged exposure to cold temperatures.  The Orcs still suffered massive casualties during the first decades of the zombie apocalypse but their semi-nomadic lifestyle, small population centers and their abilities to thrive in cold, hostile environments gave them immediate advantages.  Of all the sentient races, they were the first to recover.

To celebrate, take a look at one of the Orcs of Aruneus! (shown below) This is a work in progress and does not represent what the final artwork will look like. It’s still pretty freaking cool though!

The Orcs will be available through DriveThruRPG as a PDF download.

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