Apr 152010

Goddammit!  Have you ever come across one of those ideas that’s so glaringly obvious you slap yourself in the forehead for not thinking of it first?  My kids each have about 12 flip books in which you can combine different parts to make a new whole.  But credit where credit is due, Stefan trumped us all on this one.

Exquisite Corpses is available for purchase through LuLu. You can and should also visit it’s creator’s blog.  Stefan has lots of neat things to say about gaming and just got added to my RSS feed.

The book has a total of 91 pages in black and white and is spiral bound. The book is intended to serve as a bestiary / monster book for role playing gamers and weirdos of every stripe. Twenty six monsters (including humans, a robot, a minotaur, a cyclops, etc.) are presented. By cutting the pages into thirds (dotted lines and full instructions provided), each of the 26 ‘basic’ monsters is made into 3 tabs (head, torso and feet/tail/psuedopod). The user can then flip the tabs to swap heads, torsos, etc., and come up with all sorts of crazt combinations. By my calculation, there are over 17,000 possible combinations availible!

A note though – the book does contain nudity and may not be for everyone -specifically people who don’t like nudity.

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