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“Green Man Gaming today revealed a new digital games retail platform that monetises the digital pre-owned market.”  That is straight from their very limited press release and roughly translates into “We’ll give you cash or cash-equivalent for your legally downloaded games.”  Uh. . . wow?  That’s a new twist on the used game market for sure and could mean I can finally get rid of my older Steam catalog, right?

Until now, digital retailing of games has been a simple: click buy, pay and download. Green Man Gaming, a new digital retailer is proposing a new concept where gamers can trade-in their digitally purchased and downloaded games.

Well – details are scarce right now.  Their site is currently under construction and I’m not sure which gaming networks they’ll be allowed on.  Steam? Microsoft Live?  PSN?  What they are doing though is kicking back to the publishers of these games.  Again from the press release:

Gian Luzio, COO for Green Man Gaming says, “Previously the minute you had paid and downloaded your game it had no resale value. This is extremely expensive for the gamer and does not encourage the consumer to try new genres or franchises. Our leading edge technology gives downloaded games a value that gamers can trade-in at any time.”

Green Man Gaming will ensure that the publishing community receives substantial remuneration from the digital pre-owned market. “We will pay significant royalties to the publisher each time the game is traded in perpetuity.” commented Luzio.

They’ll be launching towards the end of April of this year with 400 titles if all goes well for them.  They’ll also be reselling the games provided to them as “used”.

This could be very cool and is showing that some folks at least are keen to bring digital distribution into this century.  Or as GMG call it the “digital pre-owned market”.

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  2 Responses to “Green Man Games to allow you to resell your digital game downloads?”

  1. I wonder how digital rights are transferred in the buying and selling of used downloads?

  2. Since they’re working with publishers – they must have considered this aspect and have developed tools to facilitate it.

    At least, that would be the sane, rational thing to do. My guess? You’ll have 1500 Bioshock players unable to install their ‘used’ copies do to some intrusive SecuROM thing.

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