Jan 202010

This is kind of interesting as a new way to purchase and play games from the Play Station Network.  It’s also interesting as it’s a game with zombies and fire – always good in my book.

The devs of Burn Zombie Burn have gone into new routs of distribution.  Not only can you download and play the game from PSN for $10 but you can also purchase an “Online Game Code” via Amazon which will allow you to download and play the game on your PS3 at your leisure.

I’m not sure how popular this method will be.  It’s great for giving PSN games as gifts if you, the giver, don’t happen to own any Sony products.  I suppose it is also good if you feel a burning need (cough) to own this title while you’re traveling in Marrakesh without your PS3 in your possession.  Buy it now, play it later.  Delayed gratification makes a comeback?

James Brooksby, Studio Head of doublesix games said “This is incredibly exciting for us and also for the future of games being distributed digitally. Through Amazon, not only can I now add Burn Zombie Burn to my wish list, but also I can gift it to other people with Amazon accounts!”


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  2 Responses to “Burn Zombie Burn. Buy it on Amazon, download it and play it on your PS3”

  1. Can you buy or sell a used game on this network?


  2. Er. . . no. It’s the PSN – sorta like Steam for your Playstation.

    BTW – the game is half price today (01/21) via Amazon. Check the link above in the post.

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