Dec 202009

There seem to have been some improvements to downloadable content for the PSP in recent firmware  and Store updates. One of these I have been testing out is the digital comics.

I never read comics when I was younger (OK, I will admit to Debbie & Judy but I was a girl and I didn’t know any better then). I read a lot of geeky blogs and always feel I have missed out on something. So when I saw that there were some comics available for free download I thought I would check them out.

There are quite a few free to download comics available under the ‘Comics’ section of the PlayStation Store; they seem to be the first editions so you can get a flavour of a few different ones. I have downloaded a selection and I must say that I am fairly impressed with the way they are viewed.

First off you have to download the software to your PSP which is quite easy through the internet browser, then you can go to the Store and get your free copies. Opening up the Digital Comics on your PSP you are offered choices; browse collection, recently added, unread, bookmarks and options. The options obviously allow you to change the way you view the comics, what controls do what etc.

I was wondering how the software allows you to view the comic but found it quite intuitive. Using the < or > arrows takes you through the logical reading sequence of the page and once at the end turns the page for you. Alternatively you can use the joysticky thing to move around the page as you wish. The triangle button zooms out to view the whole page, press it again and it zooms back in to where you were.

The graphics are lovely, gentle moving around the screen and a nice page turn effect. Naturally the PSP screen renders everything clearly (FYI I am on one of the original models) and I can see how I could easily get hooked into comic reading through this medium. Priced at 79p or £1.19 they’re not unreasonable either. Not having been a comic reader in the past I cannot vouch for the selection but there seems to be genres for all tastes.

Verdict: another reason to use my PSP instead of it gathering dust.

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  1. The PSP is actually quite a successful device that’s been pretty well liked by reviewers and gamers.But screen seems a bit too small for comics to enjoy it to the full core.

  2. Opening up the Digital Comics on PSP is certainly an exciting option…
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