Oct 252009

It’s half-term and my daughter wanted to go out somewhere so we ended up at our local cinema to watch The Vampire’s Assistant. I did mention that it’d better not be frightening!

I’d heard of Darren Shan but never read any of his books and didn’t even know this film was based on one til just before we went. In effect I walked into this film ‘blind’ not knowing anything about it.

The titles were a bit long (although the animation was good) but the film was worth waiting for. OK , it’s a bit of a cliche – two boys, best friends, something happens… don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it.

The teenage actors were believable and there were some well known adult actors who brought plenty to the film. Not having read the books I can’t say how good the freak show people effects were in comparison with the written descriptions but they were enjoyable and suitably freaky. The story moved at a decent pace and the ending left it open for the sequel(s). My daughter thought the fight scene towards the end was fab although she didn’t much enjoy the soppy stuff lol. No romantic teenagers in our house.

Result: We both were glad we’d gone to see the film and want to go and buy the books now.

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