Oct 012009

Fieldrunners is one of the few games I’ve downloaded for my iPod touch that I continue to play after logging three or four hours.  It’s a take on the (neo-classic) Tower Defense game.  Enemies travel from point A to point B and it’s your job to build objects that do horrible things to them and stop them.

Simple concept, fun game to play.  Now the folks at Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment have released Fieldrunners for the PSP Go.

Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment today announced that “Fieldrunners” is now available for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and new PSP Go platforms. The best-selling tower defense game created by Subatomic Studios was previously only available for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch platforms.

“I’m thrilled that Subatomic Studios has joined our family of clients,” said Jim Buck, chief executive officer at Twitchy Thumbs. “The on-time delivery of the PSP Minis edition of ‘Fieldrunners’ for PSP Go positions Subatomic well for the future.”

“Working with Twitchy Thumbs was a great experience,” said Ash Monif, chief operating officer at Subatomic Studios. “Smart, fast, dedicated and extremely proficient – Twitchy Thumbs played a critical role in extending ‘Fieldrunners’ to more platforms.”

In addition to developing original properties, Twitchy Thumbs provides technical services, including software engineering, porting, tools development, and localization and translation. The company has worked with leading developers and publishers such as Insomniac Games, Rockstar Games, Sony Computer Entertainment America and Sony Online Entertainment on current- and next-generation products.

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