Oct 052009

Are you a woman?  Would you consider yourself Pin-up material? Do you happen to be undead? If you’ve answered yes to these three questions then I’ve got a deal for you.

My Zombie Pin-up is currently accepting unsolicited pictures for their Zombie Pin-Up calendar.  As they put it:

Are you into beauty and brains? Are you dying to be a Zombie Pin-up? Show us how much so by donning your sexiest vintage lingerie and zombifying yourself. Make yourself into the sexiest most grotesque zombie pin-up, show the world your dark side and win a zombie pin-up calendar + a one of a kind zombie polaroid from the 2010 production. That’s right, you too can be the proud owner of an exclusive one of a kind commemorative ultra super deluxe Polaroid of a Zombie Pin-up from the 2010 My Zombie Pin-up Calendar. Think Polaroids are rare?! Win what you can’t even buy!

Email entries to ZombiePinups@gmail.com with the subject “Zombie Pin-up Contest” and will post your zombiness on our blog!

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