Sep 302009

Lots of very, very nice deals today, some cool hardware upwards of 50% off.  I  don’t know what kind of deal is happening around the web today but it’s pretty sweet.  Xbox 360 Elites, Archos 5 Internet tablets, GPS and USB storage.

First, get your Xbox 360 Elite (120GB) bundled with Pure and Lego Batman for $250, brand new, shipped.  How?  Go here to add it to your Amazon cart for $299.99.   Then go here and get yourself a $50 mail in rebate from microsoft, using the password “49710555”.  Do it quick though, today may be the last day.


Next up is a Garmin Nuvi 850, 4.3″ widescreden GPS system.  Noramally $700, today $165.  That’s $535 off.  Woah, something’s in the water at Amazon today – but it’s only good for today!

Another huge one, get a Kingston 32GB USB key drive, normally $210, today for $59.99.

I’m a longtime lover of Archos, that scrappy French company that makes amazing touch screen PMPs.  The Archos 5 250GB Internet Tablet is also $200 off today at $250.

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  2. Fantastic deal! I remember a few years back when I bought my Xbox 360 for around $300 :(

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