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Hello my name is Kate and I just started here at Troll in the Corner. My main focus is going to be around MMO’s. I do on the other hand like to stray just a little bit off the MMO topic and talk about other tech as well.

So I’ve been watching PAX, E3, Comic-Con, GDC, Blizzcon and TGS for years and there’s a few games that have been sticking out like a sore thumb. APB(All Points Bulletin), GW2(Guild Wars 2) and Champions Online are some of the games that really just stood out above the rest. Here’s a Brief summary of each of those games. Enjoy.

APB is like an Online Version of the GTA style sandbox games. Whats special about this game is that half of the players on the server get to play as Cops and the other half get to play as Criminals. Each server is going to be able to hold 100 players 50 of each type Cops/Criminals. There’s a deep customization of your character and vehicles that really puts this game on the map.

GW2 Is the long awaited sequil to the origional. This game is set 250 years into the future from the first game. There is an amazing evolution of all of the races as in this game you are able to play multiple races. Unfortunately there’s still not much out about the game but I expect to be watching this game closely.

Champions Online is made from the origional creators of the “City of Heroes / City of Villians” games. The developers of the game (Cryptic) said that they are doing for this game what NCsoft would not let them do in the CoX series. I’ve seen ton’s of videos but missed the beta. I’m really looking forward to get down and dirty with this game.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and inspirations about the many games out there. So stick around while I pick up the pieces from that dang keyboard.

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About Kate Phillips

I was born in southern California and have spent most of my life nose deep in games. It began with the Atari and from then on I was hooked. From MUD's, MMO's to tabletop RPG's I love everything games.

  5 Responses to “Welcome to ‘The Broken Keyboard’.”

  1. Awesome! I’m a huge MMO fan. Mostly WoW but I’m looking for something else to try that’s completely different. Suggestions?

  2. If you have not tried the CoX games yet I suggest it. Before APB I believe it had the best Customization for characters out there.

    There’s also a lot of free MMO’s out there. Mabinogi, Perfect World International, 9Dragons, Cabal and if you really would like something different Dofus.

    Dofus is more of a game like Final Fantasy Tactics, where you move square to square while in battle.

    Hope I helped some.

  3. I have played GW2. It has always kept me occupied while playing it. It is a means of relaxation for me :)
    Jane @ knowledge management

  4. I’m really looking forward to playing. I’m interested in the mechanics of the game. I am a really big fan of the Arena battles from the first game and I know that the PvP is going to be much different in this one. Thats the only thing that worries me though.

  5. I just remember the days of mike tyson’s punchout and having huge panic attacks every time he caught me with a first round uppercut.

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