Jul 142009

If you’re at all a history buff or in need of a good podcast to listen to on a weekly basis, I’d highly recommend Mike Duncan’s The History of Rome.  It’s available through iTunes or directly from Mike’s site.

Currently on episode 62, the 20-something minute podcasts are spanning the entire history of the Roman empire, from Aeneas’s (Aeneaus’?  The grammatical evidence I’m finding points both ways) arrival in Italy to currently Claudius taking control after Caligula’s interesting time in power.

Mike’s podcasts are extremely accessible, with just the right dash of humor thrown in to lighten the sometimes weighty subjects being dealt with.  Even the non-history buff will be entertained.  For me, as a lover of history, Mike delivers his almost weekly take on Roman history the way many of my favorites history professors do.  With interesting anecdotes, great storytelling and a flair for finding the ‘neato’ points throughout the long Roman rule.

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