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Our favorite actress here at TC (also being featured in Project London) is currently filming another independent film.  This time it’s a monster movie with some twists that goes by the name of TARA.  I had a chance to speak with Ace, one of the folks responsible and I got some details of the film.  Pre-production (which took 7 months) is over and as of April they’ve been filming.  They’re roughly half way through shooting so this post may qualify as the first bit of extra info out in the ether.

ray and jen reaction

The film stars Jen Page, Ray Medved, and Dennis James Hardi with another actor slated to play Jen’s boyfriend.  For those taking part in the Jen Page Hair Watch – she’s a brunette this time.  Here’s what Ace had to say about the film – most of the details are still hush-hush.

Our film is about a woman named Tara who, at the beginning of the film, is out with her boyfriend, Eli, for what she thought was going to be a very nice evening.

Her hopes are dashed when dinner ends up being at a fast food drive-in. Eli’s not a decent dude to begin with and the evening comes to a boil when Tara loses it due to Eli’s inability to pay attention or care about anything she has to say or wants to do. Tara then insists on being taken home, and that is when the real story begins.

What follows goes something like this:

-A pit stop to use the bathroom.
-A missing boyfriend.
-Lots of blood
-A beast on the prowl
-A rapist on the prowl
-A very odd love story, in the vein of King Kong

Aww.  You had me at ‘Lots of blood’.  Want to see some of it?  Looks like they’ve bloodied Jen up real good in this one.  That’s a heck of a paper cut Jen!


How and when will you get to see the film?  Ace hopes it will head off to Sundance in the late summer and early next year it will make an appearance at the Seattle International Film Festival.  They’ll submit to a few more festivals after that.  Once the festival run is over, it will end up on their site and possibly YouTube – where you can watch it!

Says Ace:

We want to give the festivals the first run of the project and keeping it exclusive to said festivals betters our odds of getting in. If we are unable to screen it at a festival we’ll most likely host a local premiere somewhere in Seattle, then release it to the net. We had a great experience last year premiering a film at The Egyptian on Seattle’s Capital Hill. We showed to a full house and had a great audience response. We would love to experience something like that again. Especially since that film, “Smear.”, had a time requirement of no more than 4 minutes in length  and we believe TARA will be about 25-30 minutes long. It would be an amazing experience to see it play out in its entirety and be able to get that immediate criticism/ reaction from people. Having a public screening is the most rewarding experience, and to have that with TARA would be everything we could possibly dream for it.

Looks good so far!  We’ll keep in touch with the folks making TARA and have updates on the film as they are available.   As for the nature of the beastie – well the TARA folks are keeping mum.  I have a pretty decent idea what it will be thanks to my ability to do investigative journalism of the most pitiful sort (i.e. I got sorta-told) but I’m keeping mum on that as well as I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

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