Jun 272009

After treating myself to a second-hand 360 I dusted off the games I used to play (before I donated my original 360 to my daughter – I needed my head seeing to).

I had never actually got around to playing SceneIt originally. I bought it as a bargain intending to play with friends over Xmas but never did. I didn’t have anyone to play with (awww) but there’s no need if you just want a bit of fun.

Setting up is easy – just attach the IR to the 360 usb and put batteries in a controller (or 4).  The game is divided into different sections and levels which keeps things interesting. The first one is a ‘watch the clip then answer the questions’ which I liked and gets your observation muscles working. After that it’s a random choice of sections, ‘finish the line’, ‘who’s the actor’ and so on. Some are pretty difficult and others more entertaining but having it randomised means you don’t have more than a few questions each game in levels you find hard. In the later rounds you can get points deducted for a wrong answer which can wipe out all you’ve won before and be pretty frustrating.

I wouldn’t recommend this as a family game that includes youngsters as films are shown from the black & white era as well as more modern ones – even I didn’t know some of them lol. Having said that, I did enjoy it even though I played on my own and I can see it would be great fun playing with others.

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