Jun 262009

If you’re a fan of Empire: Total War and I mean a real fan, one who leaves the game on in the background while washing dishes so you can listen to that exciting musical score – well your day just got a whole lot better.

Sumthing Else Music is releasing the full soundtrack for Empire: Total War for both digital distribution and via your good old brick and mortar stores on June 30th.  Polish up that musket and break out you iPod because you can even get it through iTunes.

Empire: Total War – The Soundtrack features the epic orchestral score composed by Richard Beddow (Viking: Battle For Asgard), Richard Birdsall, Walter Nair, Simon Ravn and performed by The Slovak National Symphony Orchestra at the Slovak Radio Concert Hall in Bratislava. The score was orchestrated and conducted by Nic Raine (Viking: Battle For Asgard) and the soundtrack was produced by lead composer Richard Beddow.

“Undertaking the challenge of the music production for Empire: Total War was no simple task,” said composer Richard Beddow. “The game needed music to convey its size and breadth, covering the various countries at war, delicately accompanying campaign gameplay and underpinning the various cinematics and events in the game.”

Cool!  You can also pick up a digital version here or order the actual physical CD from here.

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