May 062009

Then Buy a DVD, get in to Star Trek for free.  Amazon will give you enough cash to spring for one ticket when you buy one of their selected DVDs or Blu-Ray discs.  Think of it as justification for buying yourself a DVD.

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 Posted by on May 6, 2009

  4 Responses to “Want to see the new Star Trek movie for free (legally)?”

  1. Star Trek is actually one movie I will be quite happy paying the entrance fee for :-)

    Having said that, this is US only and I’ve bought my ticket in advance for the screenings on Thursday (tomorrow – yipee). Roll on 11.30am.

  2. Wait. You’re ahead of us time wise, correct? Wow. You could tell us about this movie from the future!

  3. Won’t that set up some kind of paradox? I promise not to post spoilers but I will probably let you know what I thought :-)

  4. This movie is not very bad, but the first six Star Trek movie sare the best, even if are very old.

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