May 052009

Katherine Kerr is more widely known for her celtic-based ‘Deverry’ fantasy series, however, in ‘Polar City Blues’ she dips a well-formed toe into the sci-fi pool.

It’s a world where Los Blancos are the lower caste and psychics are tolerated, where tech is also low (compared with the rest of the universe), where water is scarce and everything s recycled on this desert planet. There are rejuv drugs to keep you young and others to help you escape your mind and life. Lacey trades in info and exotics while providing a haven for runaways and ex-prostitutes.  Mulligan is an angry psychic who rails against his brand and the life his talent has dealt him.

Two factions dominate the known universe – the Interstellar Confederates and the Coreward Alliance. A third, smaller faction, the Republic, is fighting to keep its independence “between the Cons & the ‘Lies”.  This tale unfolds into a potential catastrophe for the continued safety and stability of the Republic but also relates Mulligan’s love story and his unlikely rival who almost gets him destroyed in the throes of jealous possessiveness.

Beginning with the murder of a Carli and suspected Confederate spy it draws in the branded-as-a-psychic Mulligan and embroils him, his friends and the local police into a world of assassination, political intrigue and First Contact with an alien species; a species with a quirk that could devastate all who come in contact with them.

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