May 272009

Exciting news for all of you SF/SETI/X-Files types out there!  Astronauts on the ISS and the NASA Earth Observatory have identified several mysterious circles forming under the ice of the deepest lake in the world.  Lake Baikal in southern Siberia is “t is the largest (by volume) and deepest (1,637 meters at the deepest point) fresh water lake on Earth. It is also one of the world’s oldest lakes (25-30 million years old); sediment deposited on the bottom is up to 7 kilometers deep. The lake’s long, thin, and deep shape results from its location in the Baikal Rift Valley.”  (source)


While scientists have posited a rational explanation for this phenomenon concerning the upwelling of warm water melting ice in a circular pattern, the sheer, unadulterated roundess of these ice circles points to other factors in their creation.

Surely these were created not by some random warm water doing its thing, but by some intelligence beyond our comprehension.  UFOs, faeries, hyper-intelligent remnants of an ice-loving dinosaur race, Atlantians.  Whatever the explanation, it is beyond science to describe how near perfect circles could ever occur in nature, or even how us puny humans could create such a spectacular event, observable from space.  Like crop circles, a new explanation, one that is not the result of human intelligence or interaction with our environment or so called ‘natural’ causation must be found.

ufo2Overwhelming evidence such as these two pictures surely points to a super or supra-natural existence on this Earth. Clearly, when faced with a scientific explanation or that of circle loving, ice dwelling aliens who would travel billions of miles to make shapes in a remote and frozen lake – the aliens are the obvious choice in explanation.  In fact, on further examination when one highlights certain “natural” features around this area – a massive, alien face can clearly be seen, much like the face on Mars.  This is the Face on Earth.


There you have it, clear and unmuddled proof that we are being visited.  Even if the aliens have a horrible sense of art and draw at the level of my six year old, we must give them and this theory the deference and proper respect deserved.

(Go here to learn some actual science)

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  1. LOL. Very strange but good job finding the face in the “natural” features. :D

  2. Why thank you!

    I have a penchant for the illogical when it comes to proving my own sarcastic reality.

  3. yeah..I can believe this but your picture is too strange

  4. Excellent work digging up the photos.

  5. I don’t think that they are ufo.

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  7. THIS is real fake
    no one can trust this.
    for proof see same site on google maps…

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