May 042009

Paradox Interactive has released Elven Legacy patch this morning.  That link will bring you right to the download.

What does it do for you?

– Russian voice-overs in the tutorial are changed to English

– The localization of Chosen Fencers unit has been corrected

– The amount of Video Memory is now detected correctly on Windows Vista 32 bit and 64 bit

– The issues with the Advanced Tutorial mission has been corrected

– Final movie sequence is now correct

– Fixed image quality issues when FSAA (full-screen anti-aliasing) is on in Windows video driver options

– Opening Mission map (“M” keyboard shortcut) is now working

I’ve got to say that Elven Legacy hasn’t been without it’s problems (Russian in the English tutorial *cough*)  but on the whole it’s a great game.  The price point is right and the game play is good.  Here’s our previous review of it if you’re interested in learning more, or just go grab the demo and give it a whirl yourself.

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