May 132009

Paradox who will be publishing East India Company has released a new developer’s video diary today.  I’ve embedded that as well as a few screenshots of the game.  In East India Company, the player assumes the role of Governor General, a leader of one of the East India Companies. The goal of the game is to bring wealth and new colonies to your company and make it the dominant force within a given time limit.

This is accomplished by organizing profitable trade routes to East Indies and back, as well as using political skills. However, being that there are seven other companies with the same intentions, armed conflicts and outright wars are unavoidable. East India Company features spectacular naval battles fought in RTS-fashion and also the revolutionary Direct-Command mode that puts the player right in the middle of the action on the ship’s deck.


We’ve profiled some Paradox titles before and have a few more we’ll be touching on in the future.  In general they publish solid titles that don’t run $50 when they hit the market.  East India Company looks to be a decent blend of RTS and plain old S.

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  2. Is more beauty then Age of Mythology. Great Sound also

  3. Not convinced about this one? Any others got some constructive comments to make on East India Company? Always looking for something different to while the hours away!

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