May 012009

This just looks fantastically awesome.  This video makes me want to see this movie.  Good job on that now let’s hope the flick is actually as good as the 2 minute preview.  Please?


Hopefully that video does not get yanked.  Stupid, stupid movie companies for taking away things that GENERATE INTEREST!  GARGH!

Oh, and check out the District 9 site.

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  2 Responses to “District 9 – the film I hold the most hope for yet this year”

  1. I take it you knew the video is no longer available – damn you Sony!

  2. the video worked for me! Maybe you should try to watch the video again HIstrel. It’s a good one! I have heard a lot of reviews about this movie and they have all been positive. I’m excited to see it, so thanks for posting this trailer.

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