Apr 272009

Looks like Bethesda Softworks will take up publishing duties for the forthcoming title WET.

Despite it’s somewhat short name, if you’re into 3rd person shooter/slasher/acrobatic games for the Xbox 360 or PS3 then this looks to be your thing.  Coming to your choice of console this Autumn.

I love the fact that the description of the game talks up it’s ‘ironic mix of humor and violence’.  That’s a tag line if I ever heard one.

Here’s six screen shots to, ahem – wet your appetite.

WET is a highly-stylized third person shooter that seamlessly blends gun play, sword kills and over-the-top acrobatics to create the ultimate interactive action experience. The game allows you to shoot anywhere, anytime. You will have the freedom to shoot while running, sliding down ladders, sliding across the floor, or performing any number of acrobatic moves. Featuring an ironic mix of humor and violence, unique retro film visual treatment, and original 70’s inspired music, WET is a third- person shooter experience unlike any other.

When Rubi Malone, a gun-for-hire, agrees to fix a wealthy man’s problem by finding and bringing back his wayward son, she thinks the job is going to be cut and dry. She thought wrong. The job turns out to be more complicated than expected and the man who hired her isn’t who he appears to be. On the run and looking for the man who betrayed her, Rubi is leaving a massive body count in her wake.

Eliza Dushku from Dollhouse fame will be voicing Rubi.  You may also remember her from Tru Calling and a few Buffy episodes.

Three Types of Gameplay – Seamlessly combines three types of gameplay: 360 degree slip-aiming mechanics, sword fighting and acrobatic abilities.

Acclaimed Writer Duppy Demitrius – Written by Demitrius who is best known for his work on the action-packed TV series 24.  DUPPY!

Ultimate Interactive Action Experience – Over-the-top acrobatics with constant action that features aerial sword attacks, fantastic sword skills and high body count.

Cinematographic Style – Unique retro film visual treatment with stylized over-the-top characters, an original 70’s inspired soundtrack and locations that span three continents.

New Iconic Character – Rubi combines attitude, style and killer instinct!

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  1. Erm, not to kill your attempt at a clever pun, but the phrase is “whet your appetite.”

    The word “whet,” meaning “to stimulate or arouse” is used, not “wet,” meaning “to cause to become wet.”

  2. Yeah, I got that. :)

  3. Where’s that picture of Picard facepalm when you need it?

  4. If you want some more Wet related humorous phrases you should listen to all the stuff Paul says to Ian on the visitingthevilalge.com podcast. heres some tasters: “Drink in the atmosphere” “dampener on the game” “has the game been watered down”
    he has a few more, its pretty funny :P

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