Apr 012009

No joke on this one, Amazon has William Shatner’s 1967 album The Transformed Man You just can’t pass on this song list.

King Henry The Fifth/Elegy For The Brave
Theme From Cyrano/Mr. Tamborine Man
Hamlet/It Was A Very Good Year
Romeo And Juliet/How Insensitive (Insensatez)
Spleen/Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
The Transformed Man

For $.99 this is totally worth buying and blasting at your office.

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  3 Responses to “I can’t believe! This! Album is so! Cheap!”

  1. If you are an original Trekker, The Transformed Man is definitely a “must have” item for the library just for the sheer horror and comedy of it. While Shatner has stretched his acting legs since those early days, this album is “Captain Kirk” at his most absurd, standing proudly in the spotlight and overdramatizing for all he is worth.

    Bill (he likes it when I call him Bill) Shatner’s latest vocal effort, “Has Been” is also fantastic but for mostly different reasons. Two tracks in particular stand out in my mind as both suprising and noteworthy, “It Hasn’t Happened Yet” seemed to be dripping with sincerity and self effacement. An unflattering look back at the years that came before by a man in his personal autumn. “What Have You Done” was pure raw emotion about the tragic loss of his wife. There were other tracks that were decent and at least one that was pretty funny. Both of these are definitely worth picking up.

  2. Ken, just when I thought I respected you, you go ahead and raise my level of respect by reviewing a 40 year old Shatner album in a comment. Not only that but now I may spend the buck too.


  3. Great, I just gave Shat a dollar. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is worth it though.

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