Apr 012009

Kirk vs. Khan. Vampires vs. Werewolves. Pirates vs. Ninjas. Some rivalries are for the ages and will never be decided. Certainly demanding a place on any such list is the classic rivalry of Aliens vs. Farmers. Aliens seem to have made our planet a holiday hotspot, but for some reason, they only ever visit the country and farmer Brown always seems to end up getting an alien colonoscopy.

This classic conflict has been developed into Flock! a fun looking animated puzzle game by Capcom. In this game, you play the aliens come to collect farm animals. Farmer Brown has done his best to keep his animals hemmed in with fences, hedges, and other natural obstacles. You’ve got to use your advanced alien technology to free the animals, clear a path for them through the countryside, and drive them to your mothership. You use a flying saucer and various alien rays to accomplish these goals.

Flock! also features a cooperative mode where you and a friend both fly your flying saucers around and help each other solve the puzzle of how to get the animals where you need them. Some of the puzzles in this mode require two players to solve them, adding a nice dimension to the game.

We’ll do a full review as soon as Flock! lands in our inbox, but for now enjoy this HD quality video of the recently unveiled coop mode gameplay.


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I'm a maker geek, computer modder, personal electric vehicle designer, homesteader, and cyberpunk. Gibson is good, but Stephenson has the vision and Snow Crash/Diamond Age are the clearest versions of the future I have seen yet. Knowledge is doubling every 18 months. As the rate of change increases the technology singularity approaches and our ability to predict the future utterly fails. What unimaginable future awaits us? This is a fascinating time to be alive.

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  1. why i can not register in the youtube?

  2. You can’t register at youtube? not sure what you are saying since if you are having youtube problems, you’d be asking for help there.

    If you can clarify, I’ll be happy to help if I can…

  3. Ken, I’ve done my time in Tech Support, I got this one.

    Idakfallgold – Restart your computer. The youtube will allow registration then.


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