Apr 092009

Blood Bowl is coming!  Today marks the official opening of the Blood Bowl Website, the Blood Bowl Beta Sign up, the Blood Bowl Win A Seat At the Press Event Contest, and the Blood Bowl Tea Set!

The Press contest is open to UK residents only the rest is available to the world.

Here are three new screenshots to celebrate!

Here’s the press release:

It is with great pleasure that Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive are announcing the opening of the official Blood Bowl website!

Source of all information on the game and its content, it is the best place to discover the Blood Bowl video game and stay informed of the latest news about the game and the growing community around it. To accompany this event, we are pleased to offer exclusive new images from the game.

An ultra-violent mix of Warhammer Fantasy and American football, Blood Bowl allows players to create the ultimate “fantasy” sports teams. Coaches can build bone-crushing teams of Orcs, Wood Elves, Humans, Dwarfs and many more fantastic creatures – then throw them into the stadium for the ultimate blood sport! Blood Bowl is strategic, action-packed and violent, requiring coaches to use their best tactics, team design – and a dose of pure ruthless bloodlust always helps too!

All of these charming creatures teams are waiting for you to play in highly contested games in Q2 2009.

Blood Bowl is currently in development and will come out on PC, Xbox 360™ and on Nintendo DS™ and Sony PSP™ handheld systems.

Published by Focus Home Interactive.
Developed by Cyanide Studio.

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  3 Responses to “Blood Bowl website, beta registration and contests go live today!”

  1. This game looks to be rocking! When is it due out?

  2. No firm release date yet. . . but as soon as we know, we’ll let you know!

  3. I wonder, is this going to be like the old Pigskin! arcade game from back in the early 90s. I loved that game.


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