Mar 172009

Lots of deals today on SciFi stuff – from older TV shows to modern movies, Lost on Blu-Ray and even the Twilight soundtrack in all its digital glory.  If you still haven’t read Watchmen, you can get that for cheap too.

First, did you know that Neil Gaiman has his own Store?  Lots of good discounts on everything he’s written.

Fan of older television?  Get I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series for$69.99 – that’s about $104 off.  Also, get Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection for $93.99. That’s all 156 episodes.

Speaking of Twilight, there’s an exclusive on the Twilight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for$11.49.  It’s the full soundtrack plus a few extra/remixed tracks.

There’s a SciFi DVD sale where you can saveup to 56% off of some SciFi DVDs.  From the classics through to some cool modern stuff.

A fan of Lost?  Got a Blu-Ray player?  You can save progressively on the first four seasons.  Buy two, save $20 off your order, three will save you $30 and predictably four will save you $40.  You have to enter the coupon code LOSTBLUS at checkout to take advantage of this.

You’ve seen the movie, now read the damned book! Watchmen in paperback for $10.99.


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