Mar 192009

Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry has posted a short tour of his legendary father’s office over at

While it’s an interesting little tour, it is disappointing in the aspect that I would have thought that his office would have resembled Picard’s ready room. But it’s disappointing in a good way, Gene’s office is tastefully appointed with very minimal Star Trek memorabilia. It’s a gorgeous room and Rod’s tour of it is a reminder that Gene wasn’t some sort of god that he has been made out to be in some circles. He was a man (a very gifted one BTW) with various tastes and interests, and Trek was just one of these. This could have been anyone’s office really, and it humanizes Gene for me to see him working out of there.

The biggest highlight of the office is the model ship. I love those too and I might build a few in my old age. It’s either that or falconry. Rod also showed the whole spread from the back yard, which leads me to a question for Rod: Why are you still living in San Diego if you have a mansion available and would you like a tenant there? (I have good references)

It’s a gorgeous home, I’m jealous of it and Rod seems like a genuinely cool guy who I wouldn’t mind hanging out with and having a few beers and BBQ with.

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