Mar 242009

Some really neat deals going on today, and being Tuesday I thought I’d mention it since the world of gaming seems decidedly short on nipples.

If you’re looking for a good deal on an Xbox 360 Elite, Dell has it.  It’s the Resident Evil 5 bundle no less.  Starting price is about $406 dollars.  When you check out, use coupon code Z0WPL1J0CC3W47 to cut it down to $325.60.   It includes Resident Evil 5, a component HD AV cable, Ethernet network cable, 120GB external hard drive, wired headset, and more. Deal ends April 29.

Also at Dell, get a basic, Ubuntufied Mini 9 with 512MB of memory and an 8 GB solid state drive for $199.  That’s $50 off the regular price.  No camera or bluetooth though.

Over at Amazon, there’s a pick and choose James Bond deal happening.

Ben 10 Alien Force for the Wii is going on today as the video game deal of the day. Just $14.98 for this title.

Save $11 on an Xbox 360 Live Subscription Gold Card for 12+1 months. Or save a few bucks on the 3 month card as well. Choose your option.

Supernatural – Seasons 1-3 is $97.99 or almost $83 off.  Unfortunately the great Eye of the Tiger episode is season 4.

Finally at Amazon, if there’s a book up for an award, it’s on sale.  That includes the always great Hugo nominees.

Don’t forget that Steam will have a new Ubisoft title up for sale at some point today.  Check here to see what it is.

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