Mar 262009

The always fun, always interesting Z-Man Games has a new release heading our way in June called Bridge Troll.  Obviously we have an instant affinity with this game because it’s got Trolls in it.

Bidding mechanics and managing your hand of cards make up the basis for Bridge Troll.  On first impression the artwork is fun and the game looks to be a lot of fun.

In Bridge Troll, you and your friends are hideous trolls who each guard a troll bridge. Each turn, you throw boulders to bid for travelers, who vary in number depending on the weather for that day. Travelers include fat merchants, pilgrims, poor monks (who make good eating), and if you are lucky, royal personages. As travelers come to your bridge, you use them to collect tolls. But watch out! Knights, bandits, dragons, and vicious Billy Goats Gruff prowl the countryside. You’ll have to use some of your boulders to chase them away (which means you’ll have fewer left to use on your bridge!).

Although you need to collect tolls from travelers so you can buy building supplies, working on your bridge makes you hungry, so you will have to eat some of your travelers instead. It is important to balance tolls with food in order to make your bridge very appealing to travelers. If you eat too many travelers or just collect money, you won’t be able to fix up your bridge. The player who uses toll-money, food, and boulders to build the most impressive troll bridge operation wins the game.

Bridge Troll was created by Alf Seegert. We hope to feature a Q&A with Alf on this game and once we get our hands on it, we’ll be publishing a complete review.

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  1. Looks like a cool game. When is it out?

  2. It is apparently coming out in June. I’ve played another of Alf’s games, and feel quite confident that this one will be great fun, an intuitive game suitable for a broad range of people to enjoy. Be sure to keep an eye out for his other games as well, especially Ziggurat. That one is a two player building game set in the Yucatan, though it’s name might be different, as I was playing a prototype.

  3. Excellent Jared! Bridge Troll sounds like a cool game. We’ll have more info on Bridge Troll from Alf and also from Ryan, the artist who worked on the game, in a week or two.


  4. ZMan consistently puts out good games. In fact, I’d favour them as the FFG of Euros – consistent in putting out good to great games.

  5. The game sounds interesting. I wish it earns got popularity in the market.

  6. Thank’s For Sharing (^_^)..he.3x

  7. This looks like a cool game.
    Hope it’ll become popular.

  8. your game has a great concept, as a big fan of free online games and espicially card games, liked your site and would pay it a visit.
    keep on writing updating us regarding your game.

  9. I did not know of this game until now. Thanks for the information I will have to go check this one out. Looks like a great game.

  10. thanks…it seems good :)

  11. This game seems rather interesting, I first thought since this was a card game and all, it hand something to do with the actual “bridge”-card game..but guess not lol..

    But it does seem interesting though..Hopefully I’ll be playing it soon :)

  12. i am excited and waiting for this game.

  13. Good blog and nice game, thanks for share.

  14. Thank you very good

  15. Certainly looks like an interesting game. Funny I didn’t come across it earlier. but certainly worth a try it seems. Thanks a bunch for the information. Cheers

  16. Very nice pictures. Like from my dreams

  17. They are very good pictures of this game, play espeor soon and give a more concrete opinion on it. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Looks very entertaining. I doubt that I would be any good at hurling rocks, and I suspect I would be devoured quickly by the passing bandits and dragons. Oh well….

  19. where i can download this game? thx

  20. Great. I love the game. It really is awesome. Any idea where I can download them?? Thanks. Cheers

  21. Thanks for the post.

    Will subscribe to your blog for sure!

  22. Card games has always been popular. Now let’s take a look how cool those cards realy are and how good they sell…

  23. great game …. can it be downloaded?

  24. Just wanted to point out that this game can not be downloaded because it is a card game/board game. Follow the Zman Games or Troll Bridge link in the post to find all the details about the game and how to purchase it.

    It looks great BTW!


  25. Will subscribe to your blog for sure!
    can it be downloaded?

  26. Well that looks really cool. I haven’t tied it out though. But I simply love card games. Uno is my most favorite. Thanks for the information. I’ll check it out n a local; store.

  27. Really cool game. Is it available for Mac or not?

  28. I actually convinced a few of my cousins to play with me as well! thanks for the flash back! cheers.Follow the Zman Games or Troll Bridge link in the post to find all the details about the game and how to purchase it.

    its great thanks

  29. Just played this game for the first time – brilliant! Any other similar games available? Thanks!

  30. UNO is the best cards game and other games also is very good thanks for u for some simply playing cards games.

  31. I like this game.thanks for sharing

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