Mar 252009

A while back in another life I used to have another fairly popular blog.  While I was just getting started this little magazine with big goals came on the scene.  It was called Blood Blade and Thruster and it rocked, as did all the folks who contributed to it.  Two issues were published in print, a third in PDF format and now it’s a kick ass online presence that’s moving on towards issue #4.

In fact, if you consider yourself talented in the writing department, they are accepting submissions through May 30th, 2009.

Let me do a little abstract math for you concerning BBT and

Wookies = rock!

Chewbacca(Wookie) = FTW!

Peter Mayhew = Chewbacca

Peter Mayhew reads Blood Blade and Thruster.  Blood Blade and Thruster = Literature + Wookies(Chewbacca) = Rocking  FTW!

Yeah, math and me mix like ducks and vector analysis.


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  1. This comment comes late, but not without uber thanks! :D

    (and incredible coolness on Peter Mayhew!)


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