Mar 222009

Call me crazy but I never connected the two before.  Seems to be some sort of magical formula though.  Two days ago I saw on a gaming PR site that the Witcher, console version had three new screenshots up.  “Cool!” thought I.  Then on closer look, one of these screenshots seemed to show a digitally rendered, sort of human looking lady with a visible nipple.  I thought it would be funny to mention that and I really do love the word ‘nipple’ – nothing sexual, it’s a fun word.  Like Pipette.  So up goes the post and off I go to attend to other business.

Today I check back to find over 4000 hits on that one post.  From Reddit, from Kotaku and from various other places.  First let me say thanks for visiting!  Second let me say that you should never underestimate the power of a semi-taboo body part, even if it is only a bunch of textures over a digitally created wire frame.

That’s a powerful formula for the internet.  Everyone’s seen w omens breasts online.  I mean, it’s almost impossible not to.  Fewer have seen mens breasts.  Far fewer have seen digitally created breasts in press released screen shots.  Pure, internet gold, that.

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