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I have a very soft spot in my heart for Chinese history.  I’ve been to China several times, met some amazingly wonderful people and generally enjoyed the hell out of myself.  Being a history buff in general, it is natural that I’m interested in a place where the written language has essentially stayed the same for well over 4000 years.

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms are a series of novels that take place in 2nd and 3rd century China.  It was written some time in the 15th century and offers a wonderful window into Fuedal China and their interpretation of the 2nd and 3rd centuries of their own culture.

Uforia are the folks behind Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins.  This new MMO takes place during the Three Kingdoms period in China and judging from the screenshots incorporates some non-historical stuff like beasties and magic.

Taking a look at the screen shots it reminds me a bit of Everquest.  The first one.  Not exactly polished and amazingly wonderful graphics.  Hopefully game play can make up for this.  After all, I’m still enamored with Anacreon and consider it one of the greatest games ever.  It had no graphics but was still an amazing game.  The version available at the link is a bit more graphical than the original.

There are a few interesting points to game play.  Such as, if someone kills you a bunch of times, they appear in your game radar as a flashing dot thus allowing you to track them down and do unto them. There’s also a system to deliver quests directly to the players while in the field.  One assumes this is like ordering a pizza?  Hourly PVP battlegrounds will pop up and award players with Honor Points which can be used to purchase in game stuff.

Here’s an intro video which features a lot of burning buildings.  After that find the press release from the folks at Uforia.


“The opportunity to bring Three Kingdoms to North American gamers is something we are very proud of,” said JK Kim, CEO of Uforia. “This story is one of history and vying for power and for the first time it is truly coming to life from the pages of the famous novel to an interactive online experience.”

Developed by G-rex Soft, Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins tells the story of the fateful last reign of the Han dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D.220), when the Chinese empire was divided into three warring kingdoms. This decisive period in Chinese history became a subject of intense and continuing interest to historians, poets, and dramatists. Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins tells this story and offers players a chance to choose from 4 exciting and unique character classes to help battle through 200 fantastic levels filled with boss monsters and their relentless minions. As players experience the world of Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins they can rewrite world history by carefully planning and executing political assassinations.

Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins also offers a one-of-a-kind quest system that delivers quests to players while they are still in the battlefield, maximizing the player’s enjoyment of and involvement in the battle. This unique feature allows the player to continue their travels while having the benefit of receiving items from completing quests. Player vs. Player (PVP) battlegrounds are available on the hour every hour 24/7 which allow the winners of the battle to become Lords who are granted access to exclusive skills and items. Honor points are awarded during these battles and can be used to purchase unique items and equipment from special merchants.

This game will also feature a Player Kill (PK) system with the unique “Death Note” feature. This feature was created so that if a player is killed by the same opponent numerous times, then that opponent is added to the player’s death note. The opponent’s location will be indicated on the player’s map as a blinking signal thus allowing the player to exact revenge more easily.

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