Feb 262009

After a bit of a delay to address some existing issues and beta tester concerns, Stardock has released the first Sins expansion pack, Entrenchment today.  Today is the official date but I noticed it availabe for install last night, as did most with Impulse installed I’m sure.

Here’s a few quick screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

What does Entrenchment add?

• Build & Customize Massive Star Bases
• Fortify your Empire with new Defences and Mine Fields
• Take on the Challenging New AI
• Rain destruction with New Defence-Busting Capabilities
• Lose Yourself in Striking new Visuals
• Extensive New Modding Capabilities
• Get Right To It With Faster Play Options
• Feel the Refinement of Core Game Improvements

I’ve very much enjoyed the star bases and mine fields, which allow fleets to go further afield now that you’re not relying on them solely for your defence as well as offense.   They are of course balanced a bit by some new offensive weaponry.  Game play is essentially the same (taking into account altered attack/defense strategies) but very much enhanced with the new stuff.  I’ve also noticed that the AI is craftier.

This is the first of three planned expansions for Sins.  You can get both Sins and Entrenchment via Impulse.  As always with Stardock, Sins and it’s micro-expansion are DRM free and do not require Impulse to be running while you play the game.

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